Legal case management software is a digital tool that law firms use to manage their legal cases and clients and keep cases organized. It allows for a more streamlined workflow and smoother billing, time tracking, and document management processes, allowing you to focus on billable work.

Features of Legal Case Management System Web Application

Legal Case Management System Web Application has features of:

  • Client Management

It has the capability to store client details like Name, Phone, Email, cases against him/her with case history.

  • Daily Case Board

Your Dashboard will give you quick access to your Daily Case Board, Appointments, Pending bills and tasks.

  • Case Management

Track all the details like Client name, Case number, judge, Court details, Case history and transfer history.

  • Account Management

Manage all your Income-Expense, Billing and Invoice along with pending bill notification feature to forecast your P&L.

  • Appointments

Manage all your Appointments with new and existing client.

  • Multiple Users

Multiple users can access the application and update their cases simultaneously.

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